Curate your Twitter Timeline

Face it. You've followed too many people on Twitter or too many of the wrong people. You may have followed people solely to lure them into following you.

Now your Timeline is a firehose of Tweets, many of which you don't care to read.

It's time to curate your Twitter Timeline with TweetSeeker.

Spruce up and organize

Tagging is a way of organizing great content on the web. Why not apply this concept to people?

With TweetSeeker, you can tag any Twitter user with any number of tag words or phrases. The tags are saved so that every time you see that user again, the tags you gave them will appear alongside their Tweets.

You can tag any user whether you follow them or not. Next time they come up in a search or in your Timeline on TweetSeeker, you will remember something about them.

Any word or phrase can become a tag: "blogger", "customer", "snowboarder". Use our special tags that move a person's Tweets to the top or the bottom. Or highlight all of their Tweets so that you don't miss them: important, blue, gray, beige, highlight, dim, bottom, top, bubbles, grunge, sky.

Want to make it so that you never see an annoying Twitter user's Tweets ever again? You can. Give them the tag, "hide" and you'll never see them again in TweetSeeker searches or your Timeline.

Twitter search on steroids

It's time to get pickier with who you follow. It's time to find the diamonds in the rough.

  • Search Tweets by keyword, city, language, date range, follower count and more.
  • Save searches for one-click access to searches you frequently do.
  • Search user bios.
  • Search within a specific user's Tweets.
  • Find users that you tagged in the past but don't follow.
  • Exclude the spammers with the low follower counts.

Filter out the junk

Use TweetSeeker's Twitter search filters panel to fine-tune your search results. Be picky.

Size up Tweet authors. Quickly

Once you have your search results fine-tuned with filters, TweetSeeker helps you quickly evaluate the author of a Tweet within the grid. How many followers do they have? Where do they live? How active are they on Twitter? All this data is displayed next to every Tweet.

Want to know what they typically Tweet about? Click on their profile image and see their last 20 Tweets.

Fast Follow, Retweet, Favorite, Reply

Follow, retweet, favorite, and reply buttons are conveniently placed next to every Tweet in the search results. See if they follow you without flipping to another page.

TweetSeeker is your Twitter department store, loaded with power tools

Curate your Twitter Timeline with TweetSeeker!

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