Twitter Search Filters

Twitter Search Filters

Filters Available

Filter Description
Main Search Keywords

This is the uppermost field on the page. Enter a list of keywords that must be present in the search but not in any particular order or placement within the Tweet.


Limits Tweets to within a date range. Select a "From" date and a "To" date or use only one of them. For example, specifying only the From date will include Tweets from that date and all subsequent Tweets until the current time. Note that search results can only go back 8 days maximum.

Within Account

Use this field to specify the screen name whose Tweets you want to search.

Tpower Score

Our special scoring system from 0-100. The higher the number, the more interesting the Twitter user tends to be. Filtering with this field > 20 tends to toss out a lot of lower-quality Tweets. Tpower calculation criteria includes age of account, frequency of Tweets, and more of our special sauce.


Only returns Tweets from users above a Follower Count number. This is useful for searching Tweets from more influential or "important" accounts. Include this filter with Follower Ratio for even better results.

Follower Ratio

Only returns Tweets from users above a Follower/Follows threshold (Followers #/Follows #). Useful for finding Tweets from more influential accounts. Note that an account with 5,000 followers and that follows 1,000 will have a ratio of 5. However, an account with 5 followers and follows 1 will have the same ratio. Therefore, for finding more influential accounts, use this filter combined with the one above, Followers.


Type in an exact phrase that must be found in each Tweet in the search results (words in a precise sequence with no words in between). For example, entering "buy" in the main search keywords field and "new car" in Phrase will return Tweets like this:

It takes 24.2 weeks of median family income to buy avg-priced new car. Then the operating costs just keep on coming.

But not this:

just had to buy a new battery for my car...words can't express how upset i am!

Can be used in combination with the main search keywords field, Exclude and One Of fields.


Type in a space or comma-separated list of words to exclude Tweets with one or more of those words. Must be used in combination with the main search keywords field. Can be used in combination with Phrase and One Of fields.

One Of

Type in a space or comma-separated list of words to include Tweets in search results with those words. Any one of the words can be included in the Tweet but Tweets without any of the words will be excluded. Can be used in combination with the main search keywords field, Phrase and Exclude fields.


Include Tweets from an account with a particular main language


Include Tweets that include web links embedded in the Tweet.

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